Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Photosynth Exploration

I've continued my exploration of Photosynth - we have a school fair coming up and a number of art works are going up for auction. I took a number of shots of these today (even though the sunlight was not cooperating as you'll see from the top left of each picture) and uploaded the photos to the Photosynth engine. The result is below. (I have focussed on two of the paintings - the one in the centre (the large one) and the one immdiately to it's left as you look - so you should be able to see more detail of these as you zoom in.)

Just use the Photosynth navigation tools or your mouse and zoom-wheel to explore the images.

I'm pretty happy with the job Photosynth does and I'm learning that quantity of photos is good - have at least 50% overlap of images seems to be a good idea. Now knowing that lots of photos is good, overlap is good, and a few other things from the nice and short, but useful Photosynth guide, I need to find my way out onto a few field trips with some classes and see what we can do ...

To get an idea of just how way cool Photosynth can be if you know a bit about it before you begin taking your photos (and you have a nice day!) - try out these two ...

and the Grand Canal in Venice.

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