Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gapminder Releases Desktop Version

Hans Rosling's awesome visual statistics on the Gapminder site just got more accessible for everyone. The most requested feature on their web site was a desktop version for those times when you don't have the web or can't rely on it - like in a classroom, or for a presentation. Well, they've just released a desktop version which is just brilliant - probably even easier to use than the web version.

Here's a quick map looking at CO2 emissions since 1820 - interesting graph to track by the way.

The easy to use help file looks like this

If you haven't seen Gapminder, you should. It is a great discussion starter for mathematics, statistics, philosophy, geography, social sciences, science ...

And if you haven't seen Hans' TED talks - they too are just incredible. Here's his 2007 talk I've referred to before ..

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