Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teacher Challenge - a great site for PD

Over the past week or so I have been reading some of the entries in this "30 tools in 30 days" column from the Teacher Challenge blog. What a cool way to introduce 30 cool web 2.0 tools for teachers to learn about! This site is introducing a new web 2.0 tool each day in a simple and concise way that may help a lot of teachers get to feel more confident in their knowledge of some of the tools that are available to them at no cost.

What I like about the format of the 25 entries so far is that they have a simple format for each entry which shows you what the tool is, how to use it and has both the link to the site to register for your account and some suggestions for further use.

What tools are there so far?
plus #24 "Wikipedia" and today's #25 "Jog the Web".

While there aren't many that I haven't used or known about (a couple of these are new to me) - it is great to see ideas of how other people are using some of my favourite tools. Livebinders has been on my list to use for some time now since I created my first one ages ago and haven't been back since!

 Jog the Web and Wetoku are both new to me. And I am wondering if Little Bird Tales might be something I can use with my own 4 and 5 yr olds at home for a bit of father/kids time? 

If you have yet to try some of these tools, then you will find this site a source of great fun - both for you and your students. There is a lot here - easily 30 weeks of PD for those who have yet to experience any of these fantastic tools.

Enjoy the site!

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