Friday, July 20, 2012

Google bits and pieces

Just thought it might be useful to share some stuff that you may not have found on Google yet.

1. Learn some search tips and tricks via "A Google a Day"

According to Google - "Trivia with a twist. Search for answers, then challenge friends and climb the Google+ leaderboard.  A Google A Day is the trivia game where searching for the answer on Google is not only allowed but encouraged".
While it works well with Google+, if you haven't enabled Google+ n your Google Apps for Education account just follow the link at the top to go to the "regular version"
So far today I've learned about electric- blue clouds in the mesosphere and cartomancy. Might be a fun activity for a class or tutor time.

2. While on Google - check out their "Inside Search" pages for ways to improve your results with Google search options

3. And while still around Google - check out their educators pages - lots of new and newly organized stuff here.

They have a new "curriculum" for helping better understand the use of YouTube.
YouTube is probably the first or second place I go to search for information. Why?

I'm a visual learner - and often I am looking for "how to do" something ... and for me, a video on how to do something is better for me than wading through pages of "standard hits" on a regular search.

There may be just as much value in this for teachers as students if you are unsure of many of the issues and how they play out in today's rapidly changing world. Youtube accounts for the majority of web traffic that we consume at school. This video explains it a little, and this link takes you to the YouTube curriculum.

4. Sticking with "literacy" issues - check out the Digital Literacy tour. Staying safe and playing safe are covered well here with teacher guides and student notes.

5. Last one for now ... Google Apps for Education

I'm a fan of Google Apps - mainly because they are easy to use, easy to share and easy to maintain. More recently Google have restored offline access and editing (anyone remember Google Gears?) and while the editing tools on iPhone and iPad are pretty rudimentary at this stage - you can at least do some editing and  that is good. 
On the training page for Google Apps for Ed you'll find a wealth of resources.

But of course - you'll find that YouTube has a whole series of videos on how to do stuff in Google Apps - here's just 1 example

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