Thursday, December 6, 2012

Who turned off the light?

NASA has some cool technology tucked away. I love the way that they make a lot of their imagery and other data available via a range of sources. One of my favourites is their Earth Observatory - I subscribe to the Images of the Day.

This week I note that they have a feature on their main website which I think is pretty cool - a view of the earth at night made up from composite images taken in April and October this year. Here's one of the views - and as you can (or can't) see - NZ is quiet at night! And so is most of the planet.

There is a cool video version as well as a wealth of other stuff - well worth the explore and you can easily see how this can link to explorations at all levels of the science and maths curricula, not to mention the spin offs of creative writing about what its like to be out at night in, say, Canada ... or New Zealand ... or India ...

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