Thursday, July 31, 2014

The good ol' days ...of 2008!

Was just going through some of the files I have in iTunesU in advance of a bit of research I'm doing around the use of LMS and similar tools in our environment here at school, and I came across a series of videos I had downloaded from "Learning and Teaching Scotland". Recognising Stephen Heppell as the commentator in these two videos made me have another look at what he said. Haver a listen - what Stephen said in Scotland "way back" in 2008 is still perfectly relevant, and will remain perfectly relevant into the future.

Pay particular attention to the role of the teacher as Heppell portrays it. Do you believe it? I know in my subject area of interest it is so true. Some of my Year 11 students are currently engaged in work and they are producing an output far in advance to the skills I would bring to the same task. But at least I have guided them this far, and I know where their next steps should be, and where they can get the skills they need if I don't have them in my head.

So listen for 2 minutes to Stephen on the School of the Future

and again on the aspect of Emerging Technologies (note that this was 2008!)

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  1. Thanks Rob for sharing this. Stephen is my educational hero - love his thinking. Great to see some schools have moved on from 2008 - some to scared.