Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fuzel Collage - very cool app for creating ... well, collages.

There are thousands of mobile apps for sharing images. New to the iPad (but not new to iPhone) is Fuzel Collage.

It's free, though does have some in app purchases that extend functionality, however I've used it a couple of times and have found that the built in functionality is just fine.

It allows you to create a simple collage or to create an animated collage where individual images appear for a few seconds before the final collage is displayed. This to me is where it likely has some really cool applications for knowledge sharing.

Here's a quick look at the interface for putting together a collage from items already on your camera roll.

Select your images.

There are plenty of options for arrangement and layout.

Animation gives the best finish in my opinion. You can choose music from your iTunes account and set the time for the images to arrive in your collage.

You can edit the layout.

There are many options for editing each image separately on your collage.

And there are enough options to share your finished masterpiece.

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