Monday, September 14, 2009

Resizing a Jing cast to fit your blog

Editing a Jing screencast to fit a smaller window has been a bit of a challenge. But it can be done with no (or very little) HTML knowledge - just a little bit of mathematics. Here's how ...

I have set my screen capture for full (1280 x 770) resolution, but I want to play the resulting video here on my blog at half this size - this is the maths part. So, I want to replay it as a 640 x 385 pixel video. So - if I know where the 1280 x 770 code is in the embed code from Jing - I can simply overstrike them with the new values and they should work. I've done this in two stages - to show you the capture of the embed codes, and then in part II how to edit them. NOTE: that in the video I got my maths wrong! Half of 770 is 385, not 365! Hah! hard to find a good maths teacher these days.

Part I - Getting the Code.

Part II - Now that we have the cast up on you make the necessary changes to the embed code. Jing is seriously cool software for creating quick screencasts. It's a pain you have to do this to get it to play as part of another product (ie your blog or web site), but at least it works.

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