Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Week with an iPad

I picked up a 3G iPad ahead of their release here in NZ exactly a week ago. Resisting the temptation to post an initial impressions type entry, I've held off until now. So, what are my impressions one week into the exercise?

1. the size - I've had an iPod Touch for a while, and one of the things I've not liked about it was it's small screen to use with the on screen keyboard. The iPad has a look and feel about it that suits my big fingers. The size is great.
2. The battery life - quite simply I can get a day's useful life from a charge. That beats the best laptop I have used by several hours.
3. Instant on - no wait for extended bootup times on a PC. Just turn it on and you are in action. Certainly makes it easy to do that last minute forgotten task - like booking the movie tickets I forgot to do last night. Took no time to do compared with having to reboot my PC - which inevitably takes 5 minutes to be usable.
4. Applications launch instantly. Get working quickly.
5. Screen - awesome clarity.
6. Weight - you hardly notice it. I've longed for a device that was both light enough and had enough battery life to allow me to read RSS feeds and the like from the comfort of the couch - this is it - light as a book - I've read more this last week than I would have with my laptop a much more.
7. Availability of applications to do work.
The App store makes it pretty easy to spend money! I splashed out on the iWork suite (Keynote, Pages and Numbers)for around $40NZ

and last night decided I couldn't be without editing access to my Google Docs accounts so paid another $19 for Docs to Go.

Other than that - all the apps I have so far are free and while I haven't spend that much time looking - there are literally tens of thousands available. The low cost nature of so many of them is both a good and bad thing in my view - low enough to entice me to pay for them without plenty of research.
8. Diigo has an iPad app - just found this yesterday and have enjoyed using it. It seems to work just fine with all the usual Diigo features.
9. Blogpress - decided that I just couldn't use the web version to edit my Blogger account so splashed out the $4 for BlogPress - already worth the spend by being able to insert graphics. Still need to sort out video and some other formatting basics though.

1. No multitasking - having to head to the home pages each time to launch a new app is slight drag - if therr is a mitigating circumstance it is that the instant switch from one app to the next is bearable.
2. No folder structure for organizing apps - so I have several home screens that are kind of in an order that I like, but I'd much rather have a few folders on one screen with my apps organized - I know that both of these issues will be fixed with iOS 4 (which I have installed on my iPod) - but I want these now!
3. No Flash. Yes, like most others I've read the press about Apple and Adobe and their very public falling out - but I'd be a lot happier if all the web sites I wanted to use were fully functional. No Flash is a pain.

There are still a number of things I need to get used to. I'm typing this on the iPad - and am about to go back and try to put in the links for this post - this is where multitasking would be handy and I don't have it! BlogPress makes is a bit easier.

My aim is to make this my main tool for most of my work ... So far I'm pretty happy with the functionality, but there are still a few things I need to resolve before I can go completely over to my iPad.

I have now completed my first KeyNote presentation and am more than happy with how that application comes together. But my biggest issues seem to be that I have yet to completely master editing my blog posts and that moving files around is not as "intuitive" as I might like.

Location:Christian Rd,Waitakere,New Zealand


  1. I love my iPad! No longer carry my notebook around but do have the keyboard dock for lots of typing. Use Dropbox and Docs to go all the time. Can't wait for ios4 and multitasking. Chris T

  2. Yup - DropBox and Docs To Go are cool. In NZ we've just heard that the iPad goes on sale this Friday - getting accessories has been impossible - I need a VGA adaptor and keyboard and hopefully will pick one up next week or so.

    And a decent blog editor would be good too!