Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Look at Live@Edu

I had the chance to sit down with Live@Edu for an hour or so yesterday. So a few observations ...
  1. the gear I used - a MacBook Pro with no sign of MS Office or IE on it anywhere. My browser - the latest version for Firefox (3.6.9)
  2. worked from behind our firewall at school.
What did I find?

Two things really. Firstly the good ... I was pleasantly surprised at the functionality of the Word Web App and the overall interface of the system.
I can create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents, and according to the various menu options I should be able to share them online with whomever I choose.

 This part is where I came horribly unstuck first time through.  I shared via Send a Link but that's pretty much where any semblance of sharing, and as it turned out, and "resurrection" of the file ended. It didn't matter what browser, computer or attempt I made, the file was just plain gone ... closest I got was this message ...
Well, I didn't turn tracking on, and even attempting to open the document on my PC with Office 2010 (as it suggested) resulted in zero.

Normally at this stage I would have consigned the exercise to the bin - if I have this experience with software, then i wouldn't try and wish it on anyone else.

But this time I was interested enough to give it another go ... I think because my brief look at the interface seemed to indicate that the Web Apps might actually be reasonably functional, if at the basic level - but then, that's what I see most people use in my school.

The Word App seems to support most of the basic functions and you can insert images simply.

I've now successfully created and shared a Word App file - seems to work this time, so perhaps Office Web apps and Live@Edu may be an option for those not wanting to work with Google Apps or Zoho ... and that's the great thing from my perspective ... the user has choices ... and to be fair, the 25 GB SkyDrive and 10GB mailbox are appealing aspects of Live@Edu.

If you haven't had a good look at it, maybe you should.

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