Sunday, September 12, 2010

More fundamental change coming - this time via Google Instant

We all know that the rate of data creation today sees us create as much new data every two days as existed from the dawn of civilisation to 2003. That in itself is staggering - but how we all have access to that information is more staggering ... anyone with an internet connection can get access to this vast amount of data. And herein lies the problem - sick of those searches that give you thousands or millions of hits ...

Google is about to bring Google Instant to your browser here in New Zealand - well, when I say about to I'm not sure when, but they released it yesterday in the US and parts of Europe.

Have a watch of this intro to it ...

So, what's so big about Instant?

It redefines how we do search. 
It redefines how we are going to need to model search to students.

I grabbed this image from Google's Instant page - sums it up ... 

Not sure when it will hit New Zealand, but I want it now!

How lucky are we to live in such times.

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