Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is this the future of K-12 education?

Bill Gates hints to the audience at the end of this TED talk by Salman Khan that "you have just seen a glimpse of the future of education". I wonder if you agree?

To start with, here's the talk - it's 20 minutes worth, but it is worth it imho, particularly if you are a teacher of maths, science or geography - and from memory the Khan Academy also has a growing library of accounting and economic resources too.

So, is it the future of education?
Alan November gave a recent interview on TV in the US where he quoted brain research stating that "if you make the mistake at home in your homework, chances are you'll make the same mistake in the test - even if the error is corrected the next day".

So, maybe Khan is right.
With digital video content -

  • you can watch it as long as you like
  • you can rewind it as often as you like
  • you don't need to be made feel uncomfortable by taking "an age" to get the point about something
  • you will always get a consistent approach from the video
  • you won't be told "I've already explained that twice"
Are you prepared to turn your classrooms around as Khan suggests?
What might some of the pros and cons of this approach be?

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