Thursday, November 10, 2011

AudioBoo - audio recording direct to the web!

I'll admit it - I'm a late developer as far as AudioBoo is concerned. I've known about it for a while but it wasn't until yesterday when two of my Year 9 students used it as part of their presentation to the class about Web 2.0 tools that the penny dropped for me.

What a cool tool! So - before I forget, thanks to Farrah and Isabel for showing me the usefulness of AudioBoo!
Basically AudioBoo lets you record (free) 3 minutes of audio - plenty for a brief message. BUT - you can record it directly to the web via their browser capture (and it works happily behind our firewall at school) OR their is both an Android and iOS app that lets you record via that means too! It works well.

And - once recorded, you can embed your Boo onto your site. Like this ...

So, I'm going to be a fan of AudioBoo - seems to make the process of recording nice and simple. Give it a try - or better still, get your students to give it a try. I'm sure they'll find some interesting things to do with it.

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