Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big History via Chronozoom

Thanks to Microsoft's Research labs Chronozoom is now open for viewing.

According to the Microsoft information

"Embark on a voyage through time, infinitely scalable from the Big Bang to today, exploring this master timeline of the cosmos, Earth, life, and human experience. By unifying a wide variety of data and historical perspectives, ChronoZoom provides a framework for examining historical events, trends, and themes, enabling researchers, educators, and students to synthesize knowledge from different studies of history, specialized timelines, and media resources, courtesy of the cloud. This platform for research and learning helps users develop a broad understanding of how the past has unfolded and discover unexpected relationships and historical convergences that help explain the sweep of Big History—and the relationship between the humanities and the sciences. Become your own time traveler and check out the beta today"

Head to here for a tutorial on how to use Chronozoom and to here to try it out

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