Thursday, March 29, 2012

A real future - or Glass Cleaner required!

Just over a year ago, Corning (the glass manufacturer) posted a video on YouTube called  a Day Made of Glass. In the past year it has had over 18 million views on YouTube - viral by any definition. The video is about 5 minutes long and is here for you to watch.

Now - anyone who has used an iPhone/iPad or tablet of any nature (or wears glasses for that matter) will smurk - how do you keep the stuff clean! Bad enough with just your own prints on it - just imagine everyone elses! But of course - this is not the point - the point is the possibilities for the future.

I remember Alan Kay and his great quote - the best way to predict the future is to invent it. So - it's the direction that these creative people are looking that makes the video worth watching.

In February of this year, Corning released a sequel. A Day Made of Glass 2. Here it is.

It has had 1,500,000 views in the last month or so.

And then to top it all off, a video showing the "truth" behind the video - how it was put together and explaining the technologies and where they are at, and what might be possible in the near future and what might not. This video has had 650,000 views in the past month.

Watching these visions of the future is cool.  When you couple this kind of "biased" look through the eyes of a glass manufacturer with that of the latest version of the "Did You Know" series of videos, maybe you start to think of just how fast things are moving.

And how a sense of urgency is required when it comes to opening your mind to other ways of doing things ... particularly in education. Do you, for example, use YouTube as your second source of searching on the web?

Now - where do I get a large supply of  glass cleaner?

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