Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Writing is on the Wall ... and the Window ...

So - just recapping on the last reflection I have of Northern Beaches ... They are not a new school. They are not purpose built.

They have done some stuff which is cool with their learning spaces.

Apart from knock down walls in older classroom blocks, they have also painted every surface with a surface coating (aka paint) that lets them write on any of the surfaces. Here's a couple of shots of an "older" classroom with a TV on the wall and notes next to it.

And then of course, the natural extension is that they can write on any surface at all - here's an example of some brainstorming from their last prof learning session that was still on the windows ...

They are a school doing incremental things ... the "bunny hops" that they referred to - and I mentioned in a previous post. So - as well as using technology to develop the learning spaces they are adapting the physical spaces to try and enhance student learning.

Other examples I saw of this were a "home built" whiteboard as a tabletop - they were losing a whiteboard to make way for a folding door - so the students decided that they could build it into another work space and try it out as a desk. The result - the students (and teachers) loved using it as a brainstorming space.

So the takeouts remain ... they are not afraid to try things. Even small things. And there is a fundamental understanding with all staff and students.

They are all aware of, and can articulate, what their learning mission is.

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