Sunday, June 21, 2009

i, i, i ... it's all about i or do i mean me?

I've had my iPod Touch for about 3 weeks now - wish I had enough to get an iPhone but the local rates for what I'd use it for are prohibitive, so iPod Touch it is.

Since I've had it my 7 year old now wants to learn a foreign language on it (after he saw some stuff off iTunes) and I love the way it collects my email and calendar so that I know what I am supposed to be doing during the day. In fact, the thing I am using it least for at the moment is listeningto music. I watch TED talks regularly on it (Ray Kurzweil's update on technology and exponential growth is my current favourite.)

I have noticed a tendency for it to loose network settings (home and school) and so I guess I need to explore that a little more - could get frustrating if I don't resolve that soon. However, I do need to start using my new Pulse Smartpen too - showed it to my latest Horizon Project class on Friday and they were blown away to the point of calling it a hoax!

But NECC is nearly upon us - one of my favourite events of the year where I can start to catch up on some of my own PD - and just today came across this site which looks to be a repository of everything iPod/iPhone for education. So, more time to be devoted to i-something ... it's just that I sometimes feel that the i-something is just all about work and not about me ... think I need to change that somehow.

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