Thursday, June 25, 2009

When the Yates Garden Guide just doesn't cut it any more

I've always had, and still have, a Yates Garden Guide. I remember mum having one when I was a kid. It was, and probably still is for many people, her gardening bible. It's now in its 77th edition.

Three years ago I planted a couple of grape vines. These were to complement the very old vine that we inherited when we bought our property - very unpruned and wild and lots of growth but no fruit.

Now, I have read the Yates Guide about how to prune grapes, and for the past couple of years tried to follow it. Maybe I'm just thick (many might agree with this!) but I just don't follow - I need showing. I guess I'm a visual learner. So, this year I have used Youtube as my Yates garden Guide replacement. These 2 videos have given me what I need - the second is more of an interview, but you can see what the guy is doing. Time will tell if I have any more success ...

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