Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Awesome 3D Visualisation Tools

I had the pleasure today to spend a few hours with Brenda Fisk at nextspace looking at the new version 6 of Right Hemisphere's 3D visualisation software. In particular we looked in detail at the free DeepView Viewer product and the very impressive Deep Exploration Creator product. In particular, both were their new version 6 offerings. To be fair, I had spent a little time with the previous version, 5.7, but v6 is just awesome. Version 6 offers HDR (high dynamic range imaging) which offers unbelievable photographic realism, especially where lighting is a bit of an issue. I'll cover the Crreator product in more detail once I download the new version and can produce some HDR samples.

But the free DeepView Viewer also offers incredible functionality - on a wide range of image formats. I like the fact that it reads Sketchup files as we use this with many of our students. But what it can do with these files is just amazing. You can measure distances and angles, you can cross section, produce orthographic projections, line drawings and a whole hjost more. You can "pull apart" a 3D image created anywhere and label vaious parts - you can also comment on parts of the diagram and share these comments with others. There is another cool function - it embeds into MS Office products so that you can use the 3D viewer for any model that you have included in a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file - very, very cool.

The following images are from a standard house file grabbed from the Google 3D warehouse and opened within DeepView.

You can "pull apart" the model and look at how it was assembled in the first place.
You've got options to measure parts of the image.

DeepView is certainly a fantastic bit of code, very easy to use and affords some very cool functionality for students and teachers - in fact anyone wanting to visualise in 3D.

Seriously cool. Try it. Soon.

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  1. Great learning tool! We really like the ability to embed in Microsoft apps. We're working with leading education companies and researchers in the UK who see the benefits of utilising 3D in the teaching/marketing spaces. What they're asking for - and we're delivering at MOOFU - is the creation (and re-creation) of 3D interactive spaces where people can gain knowledge, collaborate and interact. They are harnessing our Archi-Me service to either build 3D representations of actual learning/research spaces, or converting already constructed 3D CAD models into fully interactive environments - explored by avatars.