Friday, November 20, 2009

K12 Online Conference - not long now!

Now the dates for this are Nov 30 – Dec 17, but don’t panic – on the 30th one keynote talk gets posted, and you’ve got a week to watch it. Then over the 2 subsequent weeks a series of other videocasts/podcasts/ presentations are posted – and you can pick and choose how you want to watch/listen.

The rough schedule for what is on and which weeks is here and you can watch the stuff either on the site here or on the ning site here [If you are not a ning member, sign up. This social networking tool is used by vast numbers of educators and students world wide – it is like facebook or bebo, only seems to have found a niche with educators].

If you want, you can gain a teaser of previous years k12 conferences – another power of the web is that the 2006, 2007 and 2008 conferences are still available here - just use the navigation on the rhs

Note that many/most of these presentations are available as a download – I generally download the iPod version and watch them on either my Ipod or iTunes on my laptop.

You gotta love the web – so many options...

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