Sunday, November 22, 2009

What are your best applications for use with students?

I wonder what are the applications that you use with students that make a difference for them? Here are some of the ones I use that students seem to enjoy.

Edmodo - terrific tool for managing a class in a "school sponsored bebo" (as one of my students called it) format. Nice functionality for handling assignments, polls etc. Students love it.

Voicethread - terrific tool for sharing all kinds of data from video to still images, with comments via a wide range of options.

Wikispaces - very easy way to get a web site up and running -the free ones for educators are a real bonus.

Google Apps - while very bandwidth hungry these tools offer great flexibility for collaboration and communication. Google Sites is the best aspect of this suite in my view.

Google Sketchup - what a fantastic 3D visualiser this is. A real favourite.

Delicious and Diigo - great tools - work well together.

iTunes - the best way of organising audio and video

Youtube - there is so much quality and education specific stuff that it is worth putting up all the rest of the rubbish that people want to share.

TED - you can always find really cool stuff here for use with students and staff.

Jing - screencasts and captures

Prezi - very cool presentation tool - makes an audience stay awake!

Aviary - awesome suite of online editing tools - students love Phoenix (photo editing) and Myna (Sony Acid lookalike) most.

Livebrush - very cool graphics program.

Google Earth - you can do so much with this great tool - always a favourite.

Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe - not a software tool per se, but a combo of a pen, microphone, camera and software. If only it had OCR ...

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