Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TED India Live - See Hans Rosling and Pranav Mistry live!!!

Now - this should be very cool for anyone interested in data visualisation and the power of technology to increase learning opportunities. In my inbox from the great people at TED this morning

Dear TEDsters -
We're thrilled to announce that Day 1 of TEDIndia and the closing session on Day 3 will be webcast live, to the world, for free. The webcast is hosted by the Times of India, TEDIndia's online media partner.
On Thursday, the first day of the webcast, you can watch at ted.indiatimes.com (note that this page is not yet live).
Read more about the TEDIndia speaker program.
Webcast schedule (all times are India Standard Time , GMT+5:30):
Thursday, November 5
Session 1: Fast Forward -- 11am-12:45pm
Session 2: Not Business as Usual -- 2:15pm-4pm
Session 3: Wonder. Wonders. -- 4:45pm-6:30pm
Saturday, November 7
Session 9: Within You, Without You -- 11am-12:45pm
Want to watch the stream on your television screen? Download instructions for connecting your television to a Mac or a PC.

So, why am I excited about this? Two immediate reasons -the first is:
Hans Rosling is presenting in the first session. I have mentioned his awesome GapMinder web site and talks before. The opportunity to see him present his latest live just seems like any mathematicians or social scientists dream come true. His session is set to go at 11am Thursday 5th in Mysore India - so by my calculation this is 6.30pm Thursday evening NZ time.

The second is Pranav Mistry - Pranav is a student at MIT and is the brains behind a project that goes under the name Sixth Sense. If you haven't seen Pattie Mae's TED presentation earlier in the year then make sure you have a look at the video below - it'll give you an insight into the work.

Pranav's session is due for kick off around 12.15am Friday morning - so might be a bit of an ask - but if you're a night owl ...

And there are a host of other peple delivering inspirational talks too - you never know - you just might find something useful.

You can watch these at this site http://ted.indiatimes.com/ - it is not live yet.


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